Collective Bias LLC Illustrated Icon Sticker Series

This is an expansive set of detail-packed illustrated icons that were used and sold as die-cut vinyl stickers. This project was self-sparked, and posed the challenge of adding whimsy and playfulness to the CB brand. I wanted to create something that could be collected by employees and members of the influencer community, and had their own set of design standards/rules that would push me to learn new Adobe Illustrator techniques and practices. These restrictions were to retain the original logo's shape, to attempt to incorporate the "cb" typographic component in an interesting way, and to exist in a themed set of 3 icons. While these were started as a fun project, they immediately became a hit with nearly everyone in the company, and were quickly requested and funded to be included in the company merch store for purchase and as giveaway items at conferences and events.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 11.36.52 PM.png