Brandon Lyon Design


Unvers and Meridien type families mailer

Ferrous and Conifer is a continuation of the type mailer tradition to the designer community still closely following the production from favorite type foundries and solo designers. Univers and Meridian are both chosen as a balanced pair, and their respective titles serve as metaphor for their structured and spiny characteristics. 

Side by side designs pose both typefaces in visually diverse contexts to promote their flexibility of use, balancing of one another, and range of characters per collection or family. When folded, the mailer serves as a brief book or pamphlet, using sections like pages to convey this information a piece at a time. When unfolded, the mailer becomes a poster to covet and hang, and presents the full character collection of both typefaces up for purchase.

Color was utilized to create an immediate recognition to each type families imagery, and to ease the viewer from seeing them as separate families, to a cohesive typgoraphic conversation.